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My Bucket List

There are lots of things that I probably would’ve put on my bucket list ten years ago, that I would be able to cross off today. I thought it wouldn’t be fair to add these been-there-done-that items onto the list now. Therefore, my list begins in 2012, after I had been done some other fun and amazing things already.

This is also a work-in-progress list that I will keep editing, and I’ll note the edit dates at the bottom.

Lastly, nothing is official in my life until it’s been recorded on a list.

  1. Pick up a hitchhiker
  2. Hike Macchu Picchu (with a short volunteering stint)
  3. Trek to Everest Base Camp
  4. Party like it’s 1999 at the Calgary Stampede
  5. Party like it’s 1999 at Oktoberfest in Munich
  6. Learn to swim
  7. Get PADI certified
  8. Dive in Borneo/Australia
  9. Read Lord of the Rings
  10. Go to a Christmas market in Europe (Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Munich – December 2011; Copenhagen – December 2012)
  11. Run a half marathon in 2:00 – 2:15
  12. (Royal Parks Half Marathon 2013, 2:13:50)

  13. Run a half marathon in under 2:00
  14. Revisit India
  15. Go to SXSW
  16. Live in New York City
  17. Live in Europe (Paris 2011-2012; London 2012-)
  18. Sleep under the stars
  19. Spend a long weekend (at least 2 nights) in an over-the-top fancy hotel in a major city…like the Plaza Athenée or the Ritz Paris or whatever is in fashion by the time I do this
  20. Grow and eat my own vegetables and herbs
  21. (Summer 2014: tomatoes & kale)

  22. Road trip across a whole continent/country: Europe or Canada/USA
  23. See what the fuss is all about with the Aurora Borealis
  24. Rock up at the airport with my passport and wallet and get on the next flight to wherever
  25. Drink vodka with the locals in Russia
  26. (Sort of, Russia/Winter Olympics trip 2014)

  27. Take a floatplane from Vancouver
  28. Take dance lessons
  29. Work for an airline company and speak “load-factor”
  30. Run in Hawaii
  31. Milk a cow (or goat)
  32. Volunteer on a farm
  33. Go on a cycling trip that requires camping overnight and covers a long distance
  34. Visit 30 countries by the time I’m 30
  35. Sweden, June 2014

  36. Be a published author
  37. Get another academic degree besides my bachelor’s – i.e. a PhD
  38. Go on an extravagant honeymoon
  39. (Maldives, June 2016)

  40. Run my own little bed and breakfast
  41. Learn to sew
  42. (Made my own roman blinds etc., 2014)

  43. Drive stick shift comfortably

Comments welcome – what are your bucket list ideas, and what else do you think I should add to mine?