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Being bathed by an elephant in the River Kwai {Katchanaburi, Thailand}

Oof, where to start?

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, my family settled in Vancouver, Canada when I was young. I went to university in London (Ontario, Canada). Then like all my classmates, I moved to Toronto to work after graduation. My husband and I did the whole graduate-university-get-a-good-job-have-a-mortgage-and-car thing, before making the hardest/easiest decision to quit our jobs and put life on hold for a year.

In 2011 we backpacked for a few months around India and Southeast Asia, got married, and moved to Paris so I could attend Le Cordon Bleu’s patisserie program. After that we decided we wanted to stick around Europe a bit longer, so we made a little home in London.

Unexpectedly in 2015 my company persuaded me to move to Singapore in the span of 1.5 months to set up our APAC headquarters. My husband and I found ourselves in this tropical land with two suitcases one October evening, him not having visited at all before the move.

Staying still is not my thing, nor my husband’s, apparently.

Fast forward another two years in 2017 and I can honestly say I have never worked this hard. Setting up a new beachhead isn’t easy, yo. So the blog has been neglected for longer than I originally intended. On the personal front, we’ve sort of accepted the fact that we live in a land with no seasons except HOT, and we have finally decided to take on responsibility for another human being so we made a little potato.

mango on an apple was started as a collection of random thoughts, worthwhile recipes, and mini-destination guides. I wanted to have a place where I could earmark recipes digitally. I also thought it would be a good place to share my travel photos and destination guides with friends and family. It’s a lot easier this way – people always ask me about my favourite spots, and I always end up drawing impromptu maps on the back of napkins and envelopes that I cannot replicate the next time I’m asked the same question.

Now the blog has evolved into a place where I continue to document and pontificate, humble-brag and whine, and you’re welcome to comment as much as you’d like. Trolling will only flatter me at this stage, as I’m sure nobody actually reads this thing.