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Being bathed by an elephant in the River Kwai {Katchanaburi, Thailand}

Oof, where to start?

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, my family settled in Vancouver, Canada when I was young. I went to university in London (Ontario, Canada). Then like all my classmates, I moved to Toronto to work after graduation. My husband and I did the whole graduate-university-get-a-good-job-have-a-mortgage-and-car thing, before making the hardest/easiest decision to quit our jobs and put life on hold for a year.

In 2011 we backpacked for a few months around India and Southeast Asia, got married, and moved to Paris so I could attend Le Cordon Bleu’s patisserie program. After that we decided we wanted to stick around Europe a bit longer, so we made a little home in London.

Unexpectedly in 2015 my company persuaded me to move to Singapore to set up our APAC headquarters. My husband and I found ourselves on the tropical island with two suitcases one October evening, him not having visited at all before the move.

I can honestly say I had never worked as hard as I did in Singapore. Setting up a new business isn’t easy, yo. So the blog was neglected for longer than I originally intended. We also decided to take on responsibility other human beings so we made a little potato and a little tomato.

Staying still is not my thing, nor my husband’s, apparently.

We’re now finally back to where I started, sort of.  We moved back to Vancouver, BC with two kids in tow, unsure of our next steps.  Thanks to a global pandemic, but also attracted to the beautiful outdoors that we can actually live in (without sweating buckets), we’ve settled here and are making a life…until the next destination beckons, I suppose.

mango on an apple was started as a collection of random thoughts, worthwhile recipes, and mini-destination guides. I wanted to have a place where I could earmark recipes digitally. I also thought it would be a good place to share my travel photos and destination guides with friends and family. It’s a lot easier this way – people always ask me about my favourite spots, and I always end up drawing impromptu maps on the back of napkins and envelopes that I cannot replicate the next time I’m asked the same question.

Now the blog has evolved into a place where I continue to document and pontificate, humble-brag and whine, and you’re welcome to comment as much as you’d like. Trolling will only flatter me at this stage, as I’m sure nobody actually reads this thing.