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I want to wear glass slippers

I wish I were the type of girl who could pull off glass slippers. I wish you’d look at me and think, god, she’d be a perfect fit for those shoes.

Instead, I’m the kind of girl you look at and say, “Someday she’ll save enough money for her Louboutins.”

This is a conversation Julia and I had a while back, and it just struck me how annoyed I am by the fact that I don’t wear glass slippers. Let me back up and explain.

Practical people don’t wear glass slippers. A practical girl would ask why you’d spend all that money and effort buying a pair of shoes that could potentially shatter upon first wear and hurt your feet. They would look immediately past the glamour behind it all and point out all the flaws with the plan. In other words, they just rained all over your parade.

Practical people save their money and buy goods that are sturdy, don’t hurt your feet, and if it can appreciate over time and become a collectible, all the better! Oh, but don’t forget, you must be able to get some use out of this item – otherwise it sitting on the shelf collecting dust for 70 years before it appreciates in value is just annoying and impractical for when you have to move, etc.

I hate being a practical person, I really do. I feel old.

Just another day in the midst of a Quarter Life Crisis. Warning: the article is depressing.

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