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Life as I know it

I wake up and shower. Then I make & pack our lunches. If I have time, I eat breakfast at home, too. I’m out the door at 8, and I get to work. I go through the piles of stuff waiting for me at work, with many breaks in between to check up on my Google Reader, my Gmail, and sometimes the news, too. Somewhere along there, my iTouch dies and I have to listen to crappy music I downloaded in 2002 for free. I get a surge of energy to work through more stuff at about 5pm when the office starts getting quiet. At 6pm my stomach protests enough that I go home, with the intention to continue working from home.

I get home at 7pm, and I eat dinner, watch some TV. Then I’m stuck in front of my computer checking Facebook and I lose the momentum I had to continue working. I drag my butt to bed.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s not very fun these days as I’m working up towards a 3-week vacay – I have earmarked a couple more recipes to test for Cookie of the Fortnight, but have not gotten to them yet. So far the one I tested on the weekend is a maybe, with quite a few tweaks. I promise I’ll get to the recipes before I go on vacation!!

I’m going to Taiwan next week – will be blogging from the homeland, no worries! I can actually devote time to blogging, I think/hope. I’ll be gone for a total of 3 whopping weeks from work, and I’m quite nervous about it (as is the rest of my team as they eye the piles on my desk warily). I’ll be in Taiwan for two weeks, and then one week in Vancouver before returning. Let’s meet up if you’re reading this from the West Coast!!

It has also come to my attention that my Mac is so beautifully set up that my pictures actually look a bit funky (colour-wise) on other computers. I’ll fix that eventually. Meanwhile, no, I didn’t think I was going crazy editing my photos in Aperture. Until now.

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  • Vanessa Thursday 16 April 2009, 01:22

    I’m reading this!!! Come visit us!!!

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