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Thoughts as I Unravel

I’ve been taking the e-course hosted by Susannah Conway, Unravelling for a couple of weeks now. I’ve also fallen quite behind with the course, but that’s a sob story for another day.

One of the early assignments really struck a chord with me, and I’ve lingered on it a little longer than originally planned. I keep on going back to re-examine the writing assignment and what I jotted down. Basically, we were asked to reflect on turning points in our lives. Now, a lot of the women in the class who shared their lists had courageous stories to tell behind these turning points. As I keep on looking to my own list, I can’t help but feel that there’s a lot more to come, and perhaps my life hasn’t “turned” as many times as most people in the class.

I’ve also realized that as I continue to look back on the list and revise it, I remember the smaller things that nobody really noticed at the time, but have planted seeds in who I have become today. For example, before high school, I would’ve characterized myself as a pretty average student who enjoyed going to school to socialize, and who just wanted to get by while having a good time. In high school, I met some incredibly supportive teachers who helped me realize that there were things I was good at, enjoy doing, and should do more of – and that has become a huge part of me today as their encouraging words built my self-confidence.

On the other hand, in university as I met more people, I became very aware of how I fit in with everyone else. When I began first year, I think I was overly bubbly during O-Week and probably pissed off half of the floor with my over-enthusiasm and quirky-ness. So I learned to curtail that, and now I wouldn’t really describe myself as the quirky girl from BC anymore. On top of that, my roommates weren’t exactly nice and friendly back, so I had to adapt and keep to myself much more – something that I at one point couldn’t imagine, but am now an expert at.

Just a couple of small turning points that I wouldn’t even be able to pinpoint a date/incident if asked, but nonetheless turning points that I consider to be hugely influential on my life so far.

Below is the photo assignment. The subject from Week 1 is related to feet, and of course, my worst trait thanks to my mom making fun of them MY WHOLE LIFE (she denies it, but don’t believe her).

Unravelling - Week 1 Summary
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  • VancityAllie Wednesday 5 August 2009, 21:10

    You have great feet.

    That course looks really fascinating!

    Sounds like you’re doing tons of self-discovery!

  • Tales From A Bar Stool Wednesday 12 August 2009, 23:04

    Feet not so bad… love the nail colour

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