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Another Summer Behind Us

Ever since the start of September, I’ve felt slightly shell-shocked about how quickly another summer went by. I remember moaning and groaning last summer about all the rain we got on the weekends, and going through a long winter after Christmas last year, wishing for an early spring. When the first strawberries hit the farmer’s market around my birthday, I was ecstatic…and now I feel like that was also just a couple of weeks ago!

This summer was especially busy for us, and I barely got time to share some of my favourite moments…

Peonies in June

Picked up these peonies one very beautiful weekend in June, just after a group training session with Team in Training. I love peonies. I would consider moving all the parties (birthday, Christmas, etc.) to June so I could have peonies fill the room.

We survived a garbage strike that lasted for more than a month.

I went to a casino for the first time.

We made use of the BBQs in the common area a lot, and had some great get-togethers with friends.

Kingsley had his second birthday. Time flies.

Alex and I went to Coldplay. He had an amazing time. I realized the only concert that flutters my heart is, sadly, the Backstreet Boys. I can’t wait for them to come back to Toronto.

Alex and I went to New York City: survived the heat wave, got an extra night, and ran Central Park.

My Dad visited and opened many cans of worms.

The tip of the Bluenose II
My Mom visited and we went to Nova Scotia. I decided I like Vancouver more, but the lobsters are tempting.

We did the cottage thing for Labour Day Weekend, thanks to Kasia’s parents. New rule: thou shalt not ditch early on a cottage weekend. Clean-up should be a communal bitch.

And now summer’s drawing to a close and I was already chatting to the melon lady at the market about when her last weekend might be this year. Worse yet, next week’s Autumn Equinox, whatever that means.

Freezing the last batch of local berries so I can have little tastes of summer in the middle of snowstorms.

Conclusion: really must move to a place where I don’t act like a summer-deprived lunatic for 6 months of the year.

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  • emvandee Friday 18 September 2009, 03:29

    I love the new design – lovely. And I completely agree. If I win the lottery, I’m moving away to some gold coast where there are always peonies and raspberries.

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