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Half-Marathon Prep

What does one do the day before a half marathon?

Scope out the route in the morning…
DSC_9035.JPG  DSC_9033.JPG

Stop to smell the flowers and pick up a chocolate chip hazelnut muffin…
DSC_9037.JPG  DSC_9053.JPG

Go to the market as usual and stock up for nutrition after the run…and celebrate the first Honey Crisp apples of the season :)
DSC_9039.JPG  DSC_9041.JPG

Pick up the race kit and get all laced up with the timing chip (go technology!!)
DSC_9048.JPG  DSC_9052.JPG

Load up on pasta and go to bed as early as possible, even though stress and anxiety will likely precede sleep anyway.


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