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Where Grey Hairs Come From

I’ve been unable and uninspired to use my own kitchen for the past three weeks (has it only been three weeks?) due to our bathroom renovations.

DSC_9815.JPG  DSC_9816.JPG
DSC_9823.JPG  DSC_9818.JPG

This is the “before” photo. Someone really loved the 90’s with the big hair and the pastel colours. And possibly an obsession with dark showers and Jaws.

Last year we renovated the majority of the apartment when we bought it, but left the bathroom alone because “it’s easy to shut the door and pretend it’s not part of the place.” Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most expensive investments in a home, so we wanted to save up and do it nicely.

However, renovations never go as planned. So here we are, three whole working weeks later…and only two working weeks actually involved work. Complications with shutting off the water for the building and contractors getting sick have delayed us slightly. It’s been tough because there’s no secondary bathroom, and so we’ve had to go upstairs to the gym to use the bathroom and shower. FOR THREE WEEKS. I’m nearly the end of my patience…and this weekend we’re still toilet-less.

DSC_9830.JPG  DSC_9865.JPG

It’s a bit of a big job…

I wouldn’t panic that much about missing a toilet or shower for, oh, you know, a couple of days…but it’s been THREE WEEKS. On top of the construction dust everywhere and the piles of stuff, the curve ball is that Alex’s brother is visiting next week.

DSC_9862.JPG  DSC_9834.JPG

The tiles we picked – I keep on feeling like something doesn’t match…ugh, we’ll see when the bathroom is painted and rescued from its beige-ness.

So, yes, in conclusion there will be three people (four, including his girlfriend coming in later) living in this place next week without a bathroom at all. Help me.

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  • The Anthology Sunday 29 November 2009, 15:45

    Eek! I’m starting renos too. So stressful. But when they’re done they’ll be so delightful (hopefully).


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