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Catching Up to Christmas

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Time has flown by since October, and I can’t really tell you what I did this November, because it all went by like a blur. As of Friday, things have finally slowed down enough that I think I might get my personal life back, with no guarantee on how long it’ll be around for. Oh well, I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

I’ve also been very behind on my holiday shopping. I’ve been picking up little things via Etsy since late November, but I really haven’t picked up anything that needs to reside under trees, to be opened on December 25. If I’m honest, most of the things purchased from Etsy ended up being for me, anyway. I have awesome arm-warmers to go with my 3/4 length sleeve coat, a beautiful cake pedestal, and a neck-warmer-esque scarf that I will probably end up giving away just because I don’t have enough presents. I attempted to shop yesterday for some presents, and I managed to get something little for Alex, while discovering a new work wardrobe for myself. I tried again today, and walked away empty-handed for others, but with a beautiful new winter coat for myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve blown my presents budget – on stuff for myself. Ughhhh.

Anyway, rant aside, I’m back, and I’m determined to catch up on all the festive joys I’ve missed (read: baking), so I’ll be making something new everyday until I go back to Vancouver on Christmas Eve – stay tuned for recipes!

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  • VancityAllie Tuesday 22 December 2009, 19:12

    Please PLEASE PLEASE don’t forget to give me a call or Facebook message when you guys are in town.


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