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There’s definitely something in the air these days. The days are longer, people are happier, and my office has gotten brighter. It might be because I finally got around to moving to a cube by the window (only three years after I joined the company), and have even acquired responsibility of plants at work (boy are these people going to be sorry that they entrusted me with things that are “alive”). Anyway, I’ll get to the point – I love Spring.

The prospect of Summer is shaping up pretty well. This year I’ll be training for another half marathon in the Fall – race to be determined, hopefully somewhere outside Toronto. My goal is to get to 10 minutes per mile, which will get me to the finish line 26 minutes earlier than last year. So far, I’ve realized that 26 minutes might seem like a small number but the training process has taught me otherwise. Therefore, my final goal will be determined closer to the race, if my legs are still functioning then. My sister has also signed up to train with me, which may* make the race fun.

I’ll be heading home to Vancouver for a few days at the end of the month for a wedding, and it’s something that I’ve been constantly chatting about to anyone who comes across me. I think everyone will be relieved once it’s over. It’s funny; quite a few of my friends are now married, but this one seems particularly sentimental. I’ve been super-involved since Day 1, and I’m currently doing some deep soul-searching to deliver a heartfelt speech on the big day. I have so many thoughts in my head that I want to say, and when it’s over, I’ll also share it here so everyone can read about my awesome friend Jenn.

Another trip we have coming up is also about getting in touch with the past – I finally get to go to Chicago to visit my bff from elementary school! The last time I saw her in Chicago was three years ago, and it was quite an interesting experience getting to her dorm at U of Chicago…which I’ll share later. Anyway, come this September, Iggy and I will have known each other (and been friends) for 20 years! It is crazy to think in terms of decades – not only do I feel old, but it also makes me realize how amazing it has been that we have grown up in different (physical) locations, but have not grown apart at all. We still nod excitedly when we echo each other’s thoughts and squeal with delight when we finish each other’s sentences.

In terms of recipes for the summer…let’s just say, I’m exciting for the jamming season to begin! Last year we ran out of jam way too quickly, so this year I’ll make sure to savour the season and can everything that comes my way! I’ve also run out of my delicious strawberry fro-yo so as soon as those berries hit the farmer’s market, I’ll be all over them to start re-stocking the freezer!

Alex’s birthday is this weekend and I have a few things up my sleeve to share – will get around to posting them soon!

*I said “may make the race fun” because the last time we ran a race together lil’ miss speedy head ran off immediately after passing the start line. Now I’m sharing this little tidbit with the Interwebs so it’ll take longer for her to live it down.

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