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Ahhh! Summer’s Almost Over!

Kasia's Cottage 2010

Sorry, someone had to say it.

I have to admit, it’s been a great summer this year. We’ve been so spoiled with sunshine-y beautiful weekends almost every weekend since May, and as we get into the “late summer” season, I feel satisfied with all the outdoor activities we’ve undertaken so far.

A few more things on the list…

  1. Biking the trail in NOTL and going to check out An Ideal Husband at the Shaw Fest
  2. Harry Potter exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre!
  3. Bike & Wine in NOTL some time with some friends
  4. Making peach jam, peach ice cream, and peach pie – ahhhh peaches!
  5. Freezing the late season berries for fall and Christmas baking
  6. Spending two weeks in Vancouver to sort out our wedding details! I’m not sure what that will look like yet, but will definitely be blogging about it!
  7. Finishing 10K in under 60 minutes by end of September. This is a modified goal from my plans in the Spring since the summer has been so busy with moving and random work & personal trips
  8. Finishing a couple of my web design projects on the side by the end of the month

Since we spent the August long weekend up at the cottage, we’ve only had this past weekend to clean up our new apartment and start putting things away. We’ve painted it a lovely shade of light gray (Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore – fantastic!) which makes the Victorian apartment feel rather modern and bright. I can’t wait to start cooking and actually living here.

Kasia's Cottage 2010  Kasia's Cottage 2010

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