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In 6 Months…

Ring pillow
Ring pillow from GiggleRoom on Etsy

In exactly 6 months, it’ll be a really sunny and warm day. It’ll be my favourite time of year. And…Alex and I will be getting married on that day!

Life’s kinda sneaked up on me in the past few months that I feel like in the blink of an eye, we’re at the second last day of 2010. Even though we’re getting married in 6 months, I haven’t actually gotten much planned. We’ve booked some of our vendors, found a nice little place by the water to get married, and I’ve ordered a dress. That’s about it. The rest of the planning will hopefully come in a frenzy in the next couple of months – especially because we’re taking a week off in January to go to Vancouver to sort out the details (our own version of a wedding planning bootcamp, one might say).

The most important thing, though, is that we’ve actually started telling our friends the details! I know I’m typically an OCD party planner (yes, I admit it), but when it comes to my own things, I get a little shy about taking control and thus am terribly behind on hashing out the details.

We did send out some really fun Save-the-Dates, though.

Save the Date Cookies

I’ve had the idea of COOKIE! SAVE THE DATE! brewing in my head since early summer, but finally put words to action late in October. I baked 90 cookies (in case of spoilage or stress-eating), flooded them with icing, and wrote out the details in 3 different colours of icing with super-thin tips (Ateco #1) on half of them. For the other half, I decorated them with swirled designs. Then we wrapped each cookie individually in cling film, put them in windowed paper boxes lined with tissue paper, along with a paper version of the cookie so that people didn’t eat the details and forget about us (ha). To finish the look, I tied colourful baker’s twine around the the box. Each box was first enveloped in a layer of bubble wrap before being wrapped finally in fancy kraft paper that I had found at Target. The very last step was affixing wrap-around labels that I had designed and printed myself on each package, and finishing off with Japanese clear packaging tape with a white lace design on the back.

Phew. Thank goodness we only had to do about 25 of these packages.

Save the Date Cookies  Save the Date Cookies

The lady at the post office was impressed with, but also scared of us as we fished box after box out of our carrier bag to be weighed and mailed across Canada, to the US and to the UK. The cutest thing, though, was that we discovered we will celebrate the same wedding anniversary as this nice and patient lady at the post office!

Hopefully I will be a little bit more on top of updating wedding details in 2011 :-)

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  • Kasia Thursday 30 December 2010, 22:27

    So excited! Booked our room today!

  • emvandee Saturday 1 January 2011, 21:58

    I LOVE THE COOKIES! What a great idea. If you’ll be in Vancouver, and you don’t want to make your own favours, you should look into buying from Kalley Kandy – they are this fabulous couple who make this amazing honey-almond nougat and they sell it at the Farmer’s Market, but as wedding favours they’re really inexpensive and they’ll do all the work and deliver wherever you want. It was really hassle-free, and we loved how inexpensive they were, and that we didn’t have to really even do anything.

    • mango Saturday 1 January 2011, 23:09

      The nougats sound delicious! I’ll actually be in town on the 30th when they’re at Steveston…going to try to get there in time to try some!! Thanks for the tip!

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