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Wedding Wednesday: Colours!

The first three questions following an engagement are about the date, the venue, and the dress. After that, if the person asking you the questions is still somehow interested, it’s all about the details – starting with colour.

When we started thinking about colour (okay, fine, when I started thinking about colour), I quickly started feeling like the traditional two-colour palette was just not enough. It must’ve been the quirky West Coast side of me coming through, but we agreed that we wanted our colours to represent us, and we wanted to be fun and full of colour!

Without further ado, the inspiration board, and the colour palette:

Seaside Garden


Surprisingly, these colours have been easy to match to little things I’ve been picking up for the wedding. Even more amazingly, our florist just emailed me the other day to tell me that the wedding show she’s a part of at the end of the month is using those colours! I’m excited to check that out.

I went back-and-forth on the “three colour approach” for a while, but so far I’m glad that is what we went with. I feel less limited by new ideas and inspirations I come across, and I love that it’s different and whimsical. As we head into an intense planning session later this month to figure out all the details, I’ll report back to see if I still feel the same way!

On a separate note, there are quite a few other couples I know planning weddings right now, too, and I can’t wait to see some other inspirations!

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