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May Wallpaper


Making wallpapers using online Photoshop is difficult, so please bear with the result here (and the slight delay in getting it done).

The picture was taken at Amber Fort just outside of Jaipur, and I fell in love instantly with the vibrant aqua and yellow. This was an outside wall, protected by a corridor, inside the maze of a fort. My favourite part was that it felt extremely out of place amidst the lavish decor of the inner rooms, or next to the intricately carved yellow-hued outer walls. It was a refreshing moment to stumble upon bright colours against a white-washed wall, in the middle of an aging fort nestled in the mountains.

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating yet, I thought the cheerful summery colours would be great for the May wallpaper. Here in Taipei, it’s just begun to get humid and hot, and when we left India, it was definitely summer there. So here’s to hoping that patio season will officially be in session, wherever you are!

Click here to download the 1024×768 version

Click here to download the 1280×800 version

Click here to download the 1920×1200 version

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