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August Wallpaper

Echo Beach – Bali, Indonesia

The August wallpaper is here! So sorry for the delay, but as you can probably see, this site has finally had a facelift! We’ve been cranking away on web design for the past month, simultaneously churning out this one as well as the official website for my mom’s work, michael’s bakery. Check it out and let us know what you think :)

The August wallpaper photo was taken in Bali. It was a perfect sunny day, one of our last days in Indonesia, and we had taken a moped around to check out some boutiques in Kuta and Seminyak, before finally ending up at Echo Beach, just down the street from our awesome resort. I picked up a super cute Roxy bikini, and we had a coffee by the ocean before returning to the Chillhouse for our daily massages. When I was picking out the August wallpaper, this photo immediately jumped out at me – we loved our stay in Bali, and I wanted to make sure everyone can see how amazing the place was to us!

click here to download the 1024×768 wallpaper
click here to download the 1280×800 wallpaper
click here to download the 1900×1200 wallpaper

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