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I Can’t Believe I Live in Paris!

Clearly I’m helpful with luggage

It’s been a very messy day and a half of sleeping at random hours, drinking sleepy tea at even more random hours, and unpacking our life into the smallest studio apartment ever. I must say, the Parisians know how to utilize space! Hidden in all kinds of crevices in this apartment are shelves, cleaning supplies, extra quilts, laundry racks…you name it. I’ve also cleaned and reorganized the kitchen, which is literally a bunch of counters and a stove top that envelops one person – no possible way to fit a second cook in there at the same time! Because this is a vacation rental, I discovered many leftovers from previous tenants, such as coffee, olive oil, and pasta. Other than a very questionable jar of Dijon mustard, I’ve kept most of it. Frugal living starts here!

After Alex finally woke up from his nap yesterday (and he’s also still very sick), we took a walk around the neighbourhood to the Marché aux Enfants Rouges just downstairs, where we picked up fresh farm eggs (huge monstrosities) and a couple of nectarines and heirloom tomatoes. Then we peeked into a little Franprix (kinda like a mini mart), before proceeding on to Monoprix (the real deal). I may have gotten overly excited in Monoprix at the selection of butter, before finally settling on a small 125g square of “lightly flaked sea salt butter”. After picking up essentials like milk and coffee, we came back to the apartment with a couple of fresh sandwiches (mine was a toasted baguette with trois fromages – heaven!) and pepperoni sticks from the local fromagerie.

Oh yes, at the fromagerie, the cutest little old lady started speaking to me. I gathered that her husband was selecting the cheeses because he is better at it, and then she just kept on mumbling quickly near me…too bad I couldn’t understand it all. I think she also told me I’m cute but who knows, she could’ve called me a bitch, too. At least she was somewhat friendly to me, which made me feel much less hesitant about the famed French attitude.

Amidst all the jetlag, we were awoken in the middle of the night by a massive thunderstorm. Since we left our windows open, rain got in and Alex was quick enough to get up and wipe up the puddle before it got too bad. The thunder just kept rolling, but because said sleepy tea was so effective, I think I slept through most of it.

It’s literally the middle of the afternoon now in Paris and we’ve just woken up to see our second day in the city. Best get going! The picture was taken with my iPhone, and we haven’t gotten around to doing proper photos yet because we haven’t finished unpacking – it’ll all come up soon on the blog, promise!

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  • BrendaBall Saturday 27 August 2011, 00:25

    Firstly: that is a great pic. Secondly: the French are way nicer than their reputations allow. Thirdly: you mean you don’t remember any of your high school French????? Fourthly: can’t wait to hear more about life in Paris! Fifthly (is that a word?): I think your blog will make me hungry.
    PS: which arrondissement are you in? I stayed on Rue Doudeauville near Barbes Rochechouart. Not the nicest nook of Paris, but had a patisserie where you could get 5 pains chocolats for 10FF (about $2 back in the day). Have fun!!! Write lots :-)

    • mango Saturday 27 August 2011, 04:21

      High school what?! I’m hoping the French will come flooding back to me one day so I don’t have to look like a deer caught in headlights every time. Also thinking about signing up at the Alliance Francaise soon for some cram sessions!

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