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Living Small

Making tea in the kitchen

We love telling the story that we selected our Parisian rental when we were in Jaipur, India. I was on the computer in the reception area of our hostel, and a French couple sat down next to me. After listening to them for a bit, I leaned over and casually asked if they were from Paris. They said they were. The next thing you know, the guy had taken over my computer and was enthusiastically selecting the best deal with the prettiest layout and paint colours. With his blessing, we made a bid on our current apartment, and it’s worked out pretty well!

I never caught that couple’s name or where they live in Paris, but I’m hoping we’ll run into them one day on the streets here so we can thank them. I might not recognize them out of their hippie traveler clothes, but I’m hopeful.

Today, a brief tour of our new temporary home:

The kitchen. The stove range has a tiny oven and a dishwasher.
These people are masters of small space living.

Your bed! Seriously, the futon /sofa for any willing guests!

The bedroom area with the IKEA chair, from which I’m blogging currently
Oh, and Alex’s workstation, set up on the tiniest half-table possible.

View of kitchen from Alex’s workstation

One side of the apartment wall is just full of big windows that let in lots of light during the day.
I also got crafty and made some paper frames for our photos that we brought over

We live in the 3rd arrondissement, in a slightly more northern part of le Marais. In our walks so far, we’ve discovered that one of the most fun areas for foodies, Rue Montorgueil, is only 10 minutes away. Our neighbourhood market, Le Marché aux Enfants Rouges, isn’t too bad either. Since Paris is such a walkable city, we’re pretty close to the Seine, the Jardin des Tuileries, and Rue de Rivoli for shopping, too.

Tempting? Come visit us! Our futon is getting booked up quickly!

In all seriousness, I just wanted to reiterate how grateful I am to all the kind words that everyone sent our way after my last post. I was overwhelmed by how many people read my blog, first of all. The supportive words, kind thoughts, and generous gestures everyone has shown has made me feel much more confident about where we will eventually end up. It has been, and still is, a huge life decision that we’re living out, and thank you for reminding me to be excited about where life takes us.

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  • Dave Stark Tuesday 30 August 2011, 18:53

    Can I just say how much I love your apartment!! It’s just so interesting. It is definitely the type of place I would want to live in. :)

  • Kasia Tuesday 30 August 2011, 19:48

    OMG I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to sleep on that futon.

  • Cassie Tuesday 30 August 2011, 20:19

    Thanks for the tour :)

  • Rishi Tuesday 30 August 2011, 20:39

    keep posting! love reading and finally being able to to keep tabs on you both. Alex has never been a good keeping in touch’er…. also I must say that it wouldn’t be a sweeney computer setup without dual-monitors ;)

  • Iggy Wednesday 31 August 2011, 00:46

    Love your cute space in Paris! I would really want to come visit! xoxo

  • spends 2 Much Wednesday 31 August 2011, 03:34

    So cute! It’s the sort of place you imagine when you think of living in Paris (unless you are Coco Chanel).

  • Anita Wednesday 31 August 2011, 18:19

    Wow Sandy! Your place looks amaze! :) So jealous and excited for you and all your adventures!!

    ps. I’m LOVING the red kitchen!!!

  • mango Wednesday 31 August 2011, 21:42

    Thanks everyone! As I’ve said in the post, you’re all very welcome to come stay with us, we love company, especially English-speaking company these days ;)

    We casually forgot to mention that it’s a 94-step climb into the 5th floor apartment…really winds you the first time.

  • Wes Johnson Thursday 1 September 2011, 15:34

    So awesome! Love the wood beams… very cool. Nice snag for sight-unseen!

    • mango Saturday 3 September 2011, 21:19

      Thanks dude – maybe you should stop by on your way home from South America…’cause it’s totally on the way…

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