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London in Pictures

Coffee at Monmouth just outside Borough Market – delicious, and definitely woke me up!

I love everything about this photo I took on the sly: the hat, the half pint of Guinness, the pose in front of the pub at noon on a Saturday

…and Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake

Perpetually grey, but hopeful tourists still pay through the roof to “take in the view” from the London Eye

Caught the Changing of the Guards in the morning

Quiet morning in Green Park

Oh happy times inside Fortnum & Mason!

This ‘Doctor’ sign brought a smile to my face

How do I live in one of these cute coloured flats?

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  • VancityAllie Monday 14 November 2011, 20:54

    I love London! Even though I’ve only been there for 12 hours in my entire life…. still looks amazing even via photos! Hope you guys had a blast there :)

  • Kasia Thursday 17 November 2011, 05:08

    Love it…ok, you can move there if you HAVE to. I’ll just have to visit. A lot.

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