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November Wallpaper

Today’s a double post kind of day, because I woke up super early and went for a run (my first run in Paris!), and then holed up inside catching up on life while it poured most of the afternoon. Good productive day.

The picture is from the south of Taiwan, in Kenting. I took the picture with the wallpaper feature in mind, but never remembered to use it until today. It’s a fitting day to use this picture, because I’m at that point where I kind of miss variety in my life. Our traveling life was so different and exciting everyday, and there was always something unexpected to look forward to. I miss that feeling of living uncertainly. Also, I miss Taiwanese food. I miss all the usual ‘haunts’ of Asian or North American food we had in Toronto, actually. One of the things we Canadians take for granted is the delicious cuisines we have access to – that’s definitely one of the best benefits of living in a country made up of immigrants. I had really blah and overpriced sushi yesterday, and I ate it while thinking about the delicious and affordable sushi in Vancouver. Parisian food is wonderful, but I need variety!

Right-o, with all that senseless whining about overindulging on pastries and escargots, get your wallpaper anyway.

Download the 1920×1200 November desktop wallpaper
Download the 1280×800 November desktop wallpaper
Download the 1024×768 November desktop wallpaper

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