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October Desktop Wallpaper

Look at that! I’m getting better at reading a calendar! It’s October 1st and voilà – the wallpaper.

The first day of October here in London has been very wet so far (anyone surprised?), but raindrops make the beautiful green shrubbery outside my kitchen window look much more lush and vibrant, so I can’t really complain (yet).

The air has been crisp, and we’ve been having lots of soups and stews to keep warm. My days feel full, what with the consulting work I’m doing, the kitchen menu planning, the recipe testing, etc. etc. I’m not exactly “busy”, but I do feel like I’m constantly shocked at how quickly the days go by. My job search is slow. The (lack of) progress occasionally puts me in a panic, but then I try to remember how I much I would miss the freedom of staying in bed until half past eight just because it’s rainy outside. The job search is slow because I’m picky about what I’m applying for, and I’m not scouring all job sites from top to bottom for new opportunities daily. So I’ve only applied for a handful of jobs out there, and the waiting game should not be called a game, but more like a slow torture of the mind.

Anyway, with the arrival of autumn, we’ve been diligent in our apple and pear eating, so I thought an oldie would be a goodie here. This photo was taken back in 2008(!) at Chudleigh’s Apple Farms in Milton, Ontario. We took Alex’s nephew there for a day of apple picking, but really he was just the child-sized excuse for me to get my fill of apples.

Download the 2560×1440 October desktop wallpaper
Download the 1920×1200 October desktop wallpaper
Download the 1440×900 October desktop wallpaper
Download the 1280×800 October desktop wallpaper

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  • Kasia Monday 1 October 2012, 15:11

    Love it! I think my favourite this year!

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