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How We Celebrated Our 10th Anniversary

All right, all right. I’ve been lazy about my blogging, but I’ve been busy!! I had to get a haircut (traumatizing) and my brows done (excellent) and take care of business around here for the past couple of weeks.

The point is, Alex and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this past Monday. We went for a delicious meal at NOPI, the flagship restaurant of my favourite London restauranteur, Yotam Ottolenghi. The starters and little plates we had were fantastic, but the mains were a little shy of amazing. Nevertheless, I loved the experience because we hardly ever eat out at fancy restaurants these days, so it was a special treat for us.

I’ll get to the good part. For our 10th anniversary, Alex thoughtfully gave me 10 little gifts leading up to the day!


1. A little owl ornament I really liked from a shop in Bristol (because it looks like my mom).
2. A glasses case from Cath Kidston because my current one is from grade 6 and has a huge crack in it. My actual glasses case for my glasses was carelessly left behind on our Vancouver – Beijing flight last March.
3. A pack of all butter shortbread cookies from M&S with Starbucks cards to replace the one I lost recently.
4. FLOWERS! This is probably the third time I’ve received flowers in our 10 year relationship.
5. My favourite Comté from France (available at Borough Market in London).
6. One of the bread baking books on my Amazon wishlist.
7. Membership to the Victoria & Albert Museum, my favourite museum in London, and the one with the most beautiful café in the world.
8. On our actual anniversary, I got a lovely card.
9. A jar of salted caramel sauce from Ladurée, because I only like macarons for the salted caramel fillings.
10. A Starbucks Christmas ornament because we’re going to be celebrating Christmas next!

Ah yes, you’re wondering what I gave Alex? The answer is…Nothing.

I wrote a card though?

I really have been very busy…

More updates to come as the dust has started to settle, so I will have a chance to breathe in the coming week!

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  • Anders Sunday 18 November 2012, 00:45

    Ever heard of the Internet? Most gifts, even the thoughtful ones, can be purchased online. No such thing as I was too busy. That was so < 2000 ;-)

  • Jessica's Dinner Party Friday 14 December 2012, 11:07

    10 years! That’s amazing! Hope all is well.

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