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alive and kicking!

since i’m resolute on launching the blog by end of february (actually, february 25th is my deadline), i am unveiling it now!!

considering i’m not fully immersed in coding and databases, i’m quite happy with what’s presented here tonight. i lovingly coded everything from scratch in the wordpress template, no WYSIWIGs to help me :)

things that are not working yet:
– comments (sorry, sorry, sorry…it’s a fire-breathing monster that needs to be tackled separately)

things that are working, but not to my liking:
– subsections: i.e. recipes, faves, design
– the ‘excerpt’ function for future use

things that are working and i’m satisfied with, but need your input on:
– the main page, the about page, the rest of the site

i’ll be moving here permanently, so welcome to my humble abode!

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