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i want to be a part of it – new york, new york

taxis in new york

i can’t tell you when exactly i fell in love with new york city, but at some point in my childhood, i realized that i was already worshipping everything about “the city”.

to this day, in my eyes, new york city can do no wrong. i know the floors and the tracks in the subway system are dirtier than i’ve seen anywhere, but i can honestly tell you i actually find that charming. sickening, i know. when i’m there, i feel energized and eager to explore, as cliche as it may sound. i’ve only been there three times, including the most recent trip that i just got back from, but from my passion about the city, i know it better than i know vancouver (for sure), and probably toronto, too. i crave information about it, and i cling to the pieces i find so that when i’m there, i have a huge list of things to do, places to see, food to eat, etc.

i will be sharing my trip in more detail via a mini guide that i’ll be creating separately, so i can share every bit of my favourite city with as many people as possible. i’m planning on doing it for most of the trips i’ll be embarking on, and any of note that i may have already taken. it’s more for my sake, since i’m totally an over-planner :)

back to my love for new york city. this time around, i went with the mission to shop. i decided not to roll my merit/bonus into my rsp’s this year (very irresponsible in “the current economic environment”, i know) and i really wanted to get away for february, if not to a tropical destination, then at least away from home for a bit. despite my reputation for being very good at spending money, i actually don’t spend money shopping casually. these days i don’t buy clothes/shoes at all, and then when i do, i go all out and acquire pieces that i’ll really like and be able to keep for a long time. now that is an interesting philosophy to take to new york, and it definitely worked very well (or poorly) for me.

my loot included:

  • tory burch signature black leather flats (seriously, most comfortable flats ever): no savings
  • chloe pumps (last pair, in my size, the same pair i’ve been coveting from holts): $480 savings
  • dvf vintage wrap dress (style: justin, black and white links): no savings
  • bendel’s signature cap-sleeve cashmere sweater, black: $114 savings
  • marc jacobs electric blue and purple plaid cashmere scarf: $55 savings

– i think the savings paid for the items that i paid retail for, if that makes sense… :P

miscellaneous items also include:
bendel’s neck warmer for my sister, cashmere toques from marc jacobs for me and alex ($10 each!), dylan’s candy bar chocolates and candy, fat witch brownies, crumbs cupcakes, kiehl’s collection of products for alex plus creme de corps for me, dean and deluca custom-blend coffee (half soho, half breakfast blend), and jacques torres french kiss cookie mix!

all in all, i was new york’s stimulus package, and proud of it! my favourite part of the trip was definitely just wandering the city and looking up, and around. it’s a city that never ceases to impress.

oh, p.s. – saw chace crawford at theory in meatpacking, decided i was too old to make an effort to recognize him and harass him on his time off. but still!

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  • VancityAllie Monday 9 March 2009, 17:59

    Wow I have to admit I’m SUPER jealous. Since Allan and I moved we’ve had to save and go on lockdown :(

    Can you PLEASE post pics of your new fashion finds? I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO SEE :) PLEASE! Let me live vicariously through you Sandy ;)

    Lots of love, hope you and Alex are well! Take care :)

  • Kasia Tuesday 10 March 2009, 17:48

    Finally I got a chance to catch up on my blog reading. I love this NYC one especially – I feel like you and I are on the same page with NY, though I think you love it more than I do.

    I’m glad you’ve had such a successful shopping trip! I’m already saving $$ for when I plan to go in the fall. I’ll need you to brief me on where to go though!

    Miss you!

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