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Then she said ‘hi’

We began the evening at the Plaza. The Champagne Bar was nice, small, and pretentious. Of course. We each had the Imperial Plaza cocktail and the gross bar nibs (solid butter on the side still) and moved on.

Stopped at Henri Bendel and then went to 21 for another drink. We first got seated next to the Bloomberg terminal, then moved closer to the restaurant when we ordered food. Somewhere along there I saw a white haired man, didn’t think of much, then he stopped to say hi to the table near us. I nudged Lori. Dude, is that Bill Clinton??

Yes! Yes it is!

Oh, that explains the men standing around with ear pieces. Hmmm.

It turned out to be Chelsea’s birthday. The fam was celebrating at 21. Of course, when Hillary walked by us in the end when they were all leaving, I swear I held my breath.

She said hi to us.

Then we said hi back. And giggled like crazy.

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