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Taiwan in Pictures

Too tired to blog, here are some pictures with captions. I will catch up later – it’s actually quite hard to find time to type away without feeling like a social recluse or an obvious avoider of my parents.

I’d never noticed how many different types of flowers there are on a flower truck

Love the multi-colored plastic bags – a staple at any traditional market

My fish said hi

So did my chicken feet

Chopsticks for sale – $1.85 for 10 pairs

This is the size of watermelons out here…

Chinese donuts chilling on the sidewalk

Picking out papayas for a quick snack

No idea what this is called. It smells kinda like Secret Wish by Anna Sui though

Pig kidneys, anyone?

Someone’s dinner artfully arranged over a manhole in plant trays…

Adzuki bean cakes being made

Traditional egg crepe for breakfast

Another traditional breakfast staple – the flat one on the fork is the unbaked version, and you can see one baking next to the fire that’s all puffed up. Yum!

Hot soy and rice milks – the cups with which you scoop them look mighty mingy

That’s what green onions look like out here – and they’re much more flavourful

We’re adapting the Parisian bike thing – but you can use your MetroCard with it here!

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  • Iggy Friday 24 April 2009, 13:12

    I MISS HOME! Great shots….And I miss you tons!!!

  • Vanessa Friday 24 April 2009, 13:49

    That was both beautiful and a bit gross :o)
    Love the pictures!

  • Alex Saturday 25 April 2009, 12:13

    Big fan of the traditional egg crepe, please bring 100 back.

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