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Bath: A Photo Essay

Bath is a compact and beautiful city, with small winding alleyways and cobblestone roads dispersed throughout. It is very easy to explore because of its size, and there are lots of good restaurants and eateries in the city for the hungry traveler. The historical society runs daily tours at a minimal charge for history buffs or those who want to learn a bit more. For us, we opted out of the tour because of all the exciting events already happening in the city, but I might go back some time and try it again!




We took the early morning train from London Paddington into Bath Spa on a sunny but slightly chilly September day. We started our day with coffees and pastries at the famous Bertinet Bakery, surrounded by tantalizing bread and pastry displays. Since it was the opening of the Jane Austen festival in Bath, we caught the costume parade just in time, before retreating to the thermal spas for a nice soak. Lunch consisted of the famous Sally Lunn bun, and we definitely ate too much that we spent the rest of the day trying to walk it off! We finished the evening at a cute cafe, then joined up with a walking tour of Bath that had no historic meaning, but was rather more like street theatre on the streets of Bath. Completely knackered at the end of a very long day, we caught one of the last trains back into the city and got home just after midnight!

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  • Alyssa Thursday 25 October 2012, 15:58

    I think it’s fantastic you live in a place where a day trip can mean spending time in a very old and beautiful English town. For me day trip means Bellingham, WA. Fail. Looks wonderful!

    • mango Friday 26 October 2012, 14:11

      Bellingham isn’t that bad, for its shopping for Canadians!! I always go whenever I’m staying with my mom! :)

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