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Thoughts from the Weekend

A peek at my workspace at home

1. I’m quitting alcohol for the next two months. It’ll be tough, what with the possible events coming up, but the next time I pick up a drink shall be some time around Christmas. This is going to be tough, but it’s because…

2. I want to actually do a half marathon by January. I have found that I run better on days when I haven’t had a drop of alcohol for a couple of days before. Even a glass of wine at dinner makes me rather parched for the next 24 hours, as I’m generally an extremely thirsty person all the time. So that’s two really lofty goals for the next couple of months! Wish me luck!

3. We’ll see how well I do, because I’m very close to signing a contract for a “real” job! I will find out more hopefully this week. With all the negotiations and background checks, I haven’t had anything confirmed yet. I’ll share more as I find out!

4. From now until mid-December, I/we have something happening every weekend! It sure is busy living in London. We’re away for a few weekends visiting family in different parts of the country, and I’m excited about seeing new parts of England I haven’t been to before. There are also a few chill weekends with a dinner or something small planned, but I am shocked at how quickly a girl’s social diary has filled up!

5. We’re also embarking on a few longer-weekend trips, which I hope my new employer would be OK with! More details to come on that as well, but needless to say, I’m totally excited to get on a plane again. It’s been a while!

6. I’ve discovered raw milk & cream at a farmer’s market near us. The coffee we make with this milk is delicious, but wait until I whip up a batch of ice cream…

Farm fresh duck eggs & raw milk from Hook & Sons

Hope you had a lovely weekend too! xo

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