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new beginnings

i’ve alluded to starting a new role today, so i should probably give a bit more detail :)

officially starting today, i am working exclusively on interactive card acquisition. i’m excited about this move because

a) i blog for fun so what do you think interactive means to me?! ;)
b) i get to work with google *drools uncontrollably*
c) in all serious-ness, 75% of my results come from interactive acquisition already, and it is an area that has so much potential for growth and room for innovation (especially in canada)!
d) i have a really experienced leader who’s equally as excited as me
e) i report to a director now, instead of a manager
f) i work on a team of boys with fun gadget-y toys (i’m sad about missing out on a jawbone from google and a portable mini speaker from microsoft that is USB and iPod compatible…)
g) i get to work on our newest brand campaign, which i actually said back in january that i’d love to do the interactive for, so it all worked out beautifully.

i’ve already had quite a few run-ins where i’ve seen that i’m now under a very different leader than my previous manager, so i don’t know how everything will work out yet. i am happy about the move because it is a change of scene after almost 2 years, and i’m now sitting by a window (finally). the possibilities are endless! and that, is my new beginning for today :)

oh, and here’s a canucks mini-cake for your enjoyment – made these when they came to town to play the leafs show the leafs who’s the boss.

in case you need to know, they were little chocolate cakes with white chocolate mousse covered in a dark chocolate ganache and blue and white sprinkles.

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  • Vanessa Wednesday 11 March 2009, 13:15

    *Drool* Those cupcakes look lovely!

  • Jenn Sedor Thursday 12 March 2009, 14:47

    Those turned out great! Can’t wait to read what else you have on your blog!

  • VancityAllie Thursday 12 March 2009, 14:51


    AND YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY love the Canucks cookies!!!!!!!!!

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